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Koh Samui a unique tourist destination

Koh Samui is located in the southern province of Suratthani in Gulf of Thailand, approximately 700 kilometers southeast of Bangkok.

The island is Thailand's second largest after Phuket. Covering an area of 247 sq km it is 25 kilometers at it's longest point and 21 kilometers at its widest.

Samui island is also known as the Coconut Island as it gives harvest to over two million coconuts each month.

Not that long ago the island was a favourite destination of adventure seeking sun worshippers. These seasoned travellers visited Samui long before it was in the guide books. Seaside bungalows were available for as little as 150 baht per night, and you could count on spending day after sunny day on the beach in nearly perfect tranquillity. These visitors found there was an almost mesmerizingly restful and carefree feel to the island that often kept them here long after they had intended to return home.

A typical beach view on samui

Those who have known and loved Samui since those early days may not agree about the current pace of development in some areas, but for the most part they do agree on one thing. The island retains its sleepy magic. Koh Samui is still a paradise.

However much of the island, especially the south coast, remains largely undeveloped. A day spent on scooters or in a jeep exploring this lush terrain is a day of sheer serendipity. With its spectacular and astonishingly diverse flora, and its dozy little neighborhoods peopled by some of the world's most amiable islanders, this kind of exploration is sure to provide the delights you imagined when you planned your holiday.

Short direct flights here now depart several times a day from Bangkok, Phuket, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore. You can also arrive by train, bus and boat.

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